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Salvation in Jesus

Salvation is the acceptance of the redeeming and sin-removing work of Jesus Christ on the Cross. When one comes to Christ they must confess their sins, personally acknowledge Jesus as the only Lord and Savior and commit to a Jesus-like Biblical lifestyle. When one becomes a Believer in Jesus, they join His forever family, received His Holy Spirit, and begin an amazing journey as a new creation in Christ. The old has past away, the Grace of Jesus covers our sins, and the new life as a Child of God has begun.    


The Bible highly encourages those who have become Believers in Christ and have a personal relationship with the Savior Jesus to follow his instructions… and be baptized. At Whittington Church, we believe the most Scriptural mode of baptism is by immersion. Those who are accepted to be baptized by Whittington Church also become members of the church upon baptism.    

Download our App

At Whittington Church, our main communication method is our Church App. It contains info about events & announcements, links to our social media & live stream, and Notification Groups where you can decide what type of notifications you want to receive. To download our app, text WHITTINGTON APP to 77977 and you'll receive a link to our app in your App Store.

Church Membership

Those desiring membership in the Whittington Church are asked to read and sign our new member information document entitled ‘Discover Whittington' and are required to meet with a pastor or elder, who will answer any questions and discuss any issues arising from the candidate's spiritual experience and former church relationships. Formal membership in a church is important for a number of reasons:

  1. It identifies an individual as one committed to the mission and ministry of Whittington 
  2. It allows an individual to address and vote on issues brought before the church at Quarterly Business Meetings
  3. It opens up doors of leadership in the ministry of the church
  4. It allows certain privileges of usage of church facilities   

Get Involved

If you are a Christian, you have been equipped by God to minister to other people in unique ways! We have numerous ministry teams currently in operation at Whittington. Whether it is working with youth, music, technology, prison ministry, seniors ministry, decorations, drama, teaching, sewing, or any of our other ministries, we have a place for you! And if you feel led in an area we don't have, we'll help you get it started! Contact any of our church staff to find a place to get involved.


We believe that our church should set an example in tithing, so Whittington Church gives 10% of the offering it receives to a variety of other ministries. We support local ministries, regional ministries, national ministries, and world wide ministries. We have a Missions Committee that makes the decisions on what organizations we support. In 2017, we started an additional way to support other organizations. Change the World is a ministry that uses gifts over and above the tithe to give to charities, nonprofits, and organizations that are in the business of helping to make the lives of others...better. About once a quarter, a different group of people in our congregation decides where to give this donation. Change the World has a 4 person committee who oversees its operation. So far, all of our Change the World donations have been over $2000 to each individual charity.

Find a Group that Fits You

Drop us a line and let us know what you are looking for!

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